Tradition And Benefits


The belief that eating gold is good for you comes from the ancient Egyptians who believed that gold had special powers to rejuvenate the human body and contribute to longevity (and even immortality) if it was ingested. Europe has very old traditions in using edible gold on food, dating back to the Renaissance. While 15th century alchemists used gold medicinally as an aid to digestion, 16th century Italian dukes decorated their risotto with it. The Elizabethans added gold dust to fruit at their most sumptuous banquets and ate sweets covered in gold in the afternoons to maintain healthy hearts. The Chinese dined gold 6,000 years ago, the Aztecs used to drink liquid gold and the Egyptians covered themselves in it for restorative purposes.

Many ancient cultures, such as those in Egypt and India used gold-based medicinal preparations.

Extensive information is available on the early therapeutic use of gold in China.

According to ancient Chinese medical science, pure gold has the ability to stop mental stress and anxiety, while comfort the mind with serenity and peace. Today, gold is being used for much of the same.

Gold is still considered medicinal in both traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. The Japanese continue to use gold regularly in their diet, and it is especially consumed at New Years when it is thought to bring luck and prosperity.

Benefits of consuming pure gold

24 carat gold assists in increasing the metabolism and helps to absorb vitamins in the body. Whether eating it or wearing it,  gold is deliciously luxurious and good for you too!

A medical research says that pure gold can help cells regenerate efficiently, replacing old cells with new cells to prevent number of diseases.  Many modern medicines also include gold in its formula.

We do not suggest that the consumption of its products have any therapeutic effects.

Also, for this product we use the most rare and prestigious beans from coffee dreamlands.

The EU and the USA have both authorized the use of gold for food products. As an ingredient, Gold is classified as a food additive under the description E 175.

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