The genuine F&B product is granted a guarantee using genuine 24 carat edible gold, according to standards; both, the European Union and United States authorize  the use of gold as a dietary supplement  under the code E 175.

Gold is totally safe when ingested.  It is non-allergenic, neutral in taste and chemically inert.

For “Phantom caffe, 24 carat gold caffe” we use the finest edible gold from well known and highly established  Swiss manufacturer DeLafée.

Each coffee bean is coated with real 24 carat pure gold. This description of the use of gold in ancient and modern medicine is for informative purposes only.  We do not suggest that the consumption of gold, as presented here,  has any therapeutic effects.

The unique patented gilding process of coffee beans is our creative innovation.

Each coffee bean contained in the original ”Phantom caffe”  packaging has been crafted with the strictest adherence to precise standards of quality  and undergoes rigorous quality controls throughout the entire production process. Please note that all imperfections are an aspect of the handmade nature of unique pieces.  No two beans are identical.

”Phantom caffe”  is the only authorized producer to manufacture and sell patented hand-gilded coffee.

We certify that all and each of the coffee beans in the original packaging are carefully  selected and examined according to the most stringent specifications.

It is also certified that the genuine pure 24 carat ediblegold used for gilding of the coffee beans is genuine and fully in accordance to the food industry quality standards.

Our gold supplier has provided all and each guarantees that the material is of the highest quality as a dietary supplement  under the code E 175.

”Phantom caffe” guarantees the highest quality and certificated food safety. We also practice highly strict quality control of all raw materials used and product check  by independent, accredited laboratories and certifiers to confirm the premium quality of our product and procedures.

The content of all and each single packaging is carefully examined by the  certified laboratory Neotron SpA from Modena, Italy,  before sending to our costumers. In each packaging You can find the quality control  test report from their laboratories.

Our certificate is valid together with the proof of purchase of the “Phantom caffe, 24 carat gold caffe” from our company and certifies the originality, high quality and safety of the product.

“Phantom caffe”