Phantom caffe - a rich and elegant blend is the ideal selection of the seven sorts of very finest Arabica coffees for those who desire luxury and quality in every cup of coffee with an intense and luxurious aroma to match its name.

The brand is conceived to satisfy the high-class demands of customers with the highest quality requirements and an expression of taste, as a result of a dedication and specialization in our coffee roasting company from Ptuj, Slovenia (EU).

We blend and roast the coffee in our coffee roasting company Columbo Caffe® - internationaly established coffee brand, associated with highest quality, experience and knowledge of decades.

By Phantom Caffe 24 Carat Gold we created a rich and elegant blend of the high quality mixture of finest Arabica coffees that is characterized by its subtle aroma with a rich, full-bodied taste and harmonious aromatic balance and finesse combined with 24 carat edible gold that brings the additional healthy effect to the enjoying of coffee.

Carefully selected beans are blended together and roasted to a delicious depth in order to create superior quality and elegant taste with authentic character.

Product and process quality is monitored during every step of the beans selection, roasting, blending and packaging so we can be sure this exclusive product and experience will meet all expectations of enjoying a rich, full, and splendid coffee experience.

The result is an intense, rich, health enhancing, joyful and truly luxurious espresso.