Each of approximately 4000 beans in Phantom caffe is a piece of art-handcrafted individually with the utmost precision and care with 24 carat edible gold for the ultimate visual and taste experience, having as well the positive effect on health as many cultures in history as well as in modern times believed and performed for thousands of years.

The unique patented gilding process is our creative innovation.

We use pure, 24 carat gold from established Swiss manufacturer DeLafee.

Each bean in a package has been crafted with the strictest adherence to precise standards of quality and undergoes rigorous quality controls throughout the entire production process, but please note that all imperfections are a unique aspect of the natural growing of coffee beans and unique handmade nature of gilding of individual coffee beans. No two beans are identical.

The magnetism of gold is eternal. Gold is a universal symbol of success, beauty and eternity.

Gold in its pure state (24 carat) is very soft and for jewelry is often mixed with other metals such as copper to achieve a hardness that is suitable to everyday wear and tear and protect deformation. Edible gold is totally safe when ingested and is famous for its non-allergenic properties.

Edible gold is pure and therefore soft and both edible and digestible. Gold is safe to eat and has no allergic properties. It is not broken down or otherwise changed by the human digestive system and will pass through the body unchanged without causing harm or other reactions to the body. Gold does not offer a taste and therefore does not affect the coffee aroma.