One of the secrets to the final exquisite quality of Phantom caffe lies in the complex blending and roasting process in order to keep the more than 800 aromas sealed within each whole coffee bean. Especially the slow roasting process assures highest quality. Only the right balance between roasting time and roasting temperature guarantees optimum results for each particular coffee sort, revealing the specific character of Phantom caffe to perfection. The final quality of Phantom Caffe is reached by blending the exact amounts out of seven sorts of the choice of the coffee beans.

The perfect roast enhances the coffee’s genuine flavour to the fullest while at the same time retaining its elegance.

For roasting we use one of the world best roasters "Petroncini", and unique, self developed processes of preparation, so the coffee is always the same and of excellent quality.

Gilding of coffee beans

After roasting process, coffee beans are cooled and each bean is manually checked for its quality and perfection of roast. After final selection process the best coffee beans are manually gilded by a 24 Carat edible gold. The process of manual selection and gilding is made under fully checked and proven sanitary conditions for food products within EU regulation.

SREČKO MOLK, Designer Of The Gilded Coffe Bean